Heroes of Steel RPG Elite APK + Mod For Full Android 4.5.11

Hello Friends, Today we share Heroes of Steel RPG Elite APK + Mod For Full Android 4.5.11. Command your Party of four Heroes as they Fight to protect the Last Remnants of Humanity. Born in a time of Warring gods & Dark Powers, your four unlikely Heroes Embark on a grim Journey set in the Sprawling & immense Post Apocalyptic Medieval World of Steel.


  • Version: 4.5.11
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Updated: 27 April 2016
  • Android: 2.3 and up
  • Size: 66 M

Heroes of Steel is a Turn Based Tactics RPG in which you build a Party of four characters & combine their Unique Talents, Curses, Buffs & Abilities to make a winning Team strategy. Face challenging Monsters, Terrifying bosses & constantly changing Terrain in the Hostile Underdeep. Gain over 60 Levels and Transform your characters into Legendary Heroes, choosing from Hundreds of Talents and Thousands of Combinations of Equipment.

Whats New in this Update:

  • Further nerfed Episode 4 Orcin
  • Added +Critical % to high-level Firestorm
  • Boosted and fixed Holy Retribution damage progression
  • Added +Critical Dmg % to Ferocity across all 10 levels
  • Added +Critical Dmg % to Energy Storm and Immolation across all 10 levels
  • Fixed story bug preventing some Laranda conversations after passing through City of the Dead

Screen Shoots:

Download Link Below:

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